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Portability and Ease of Deployment:Soft Inflatable Boats (SIBs), unlike RIBs, have a flexible hull that conforms to waves and water surfaces, providing a smoother ride in choppy conditions.SIBs are generally lighter than RIBs and hard shell boats, making them easier to transport to remote or difficult-to-access locations.They can be deflated, folded, and transported without specialized equipment, ensuring rapid deployment during emergencies.Versatility in Varied Environments:SIBs operate efficiently in shallow waters, an area where RIBs and hard shell boats often face limitations due to their deeper draft.The shallow draft capability allows SIBs to perform rescue operations close to shorelines, in flooded urban areas, or near submerged obstacles without risking hull damage.Their soft bottom enables safer approaches to victims in the water, reducing the risk of injury.Enhanced Stability:Inflatables have a flat bottom made of rigid material, which keeps the boat stable and prevents capsizing.This stability contributes to faster speed and greater maneuverability during rescue missions.Quick Deployment and Swift Transport:Inflatable rescue boats can be deployed at lightning-fast speeds, ensuring timely response to emergencies.Their compact storage and ease of deployment allow rescue teams to arrive on scene promptly.Durable Construction:SIBs are designed for long-lasting use, making them reliable companions for rescue operations.Their adaptability in various rescue scenarios makes them an indispensable choice for water-based missions.Remember, when lives are at stake, the right choice of vessel can make all the difference. Inflatable rescue boats provide the agility, stability, and efficiency needed to save lives on the water

Basic Boat Info
Length 18'2"
Beam 8'2"
Weight 280lbs
Draft 6" on plamne
Max Load 3850lbs
Max HP 90hp
Motor Weight 225lb
Condition New
Usage Rescue,

Operating a small boat carries inherent risks. Always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate personal flotation devices, knowing your limits, and adhering to maritime regulations. Inform passengers about safety procedures and ensure they understand how to behave on the boat. Distribute weight evenly and avoid overcrowding. By engaging in boating activities, you acknowledge and accept these risks and responsibilities. Always prioritize safety and enjoyment while on the water.

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